Watch this 5-minute video to see exactly how I help clients generate 1,000+ new email subscribers every month.

We've been following Jacob's system for a year, and since day one have added 1,000 new email subscribers/month.


This is for you if...

You know you need to build your email list, but you haven’t found an effective way to do it.

You’ve been talking about how much you hate depending on social media for your business.

You’re tired of creating amazing content that almost no one is seeing in the first place.

Getting in front of 10 ideal customers isn’t enough…you want to get in front of thousands.

Then Facebook Ads Might Be The Answer...

There are plenty of ways to build your email list, but a strategic Facebook Lead Ad Campaign helps you attract thousands of leads...quickly and affordably.

Lightning-Fast List Building

You can expect to start seeing new leads within 24 hours of launching your campaign.

More Affordable Than You Think

You don't need a massive ad budget to get started—in fact, you can get results with as little as $10/day.

Focus On What's Important

We create and manage everything for you, so you can focus on running your business.

Launch Your Campaign in 14 Days

Ready to get started? When you work with us, we'll launch your campaign in the next 14 days.

3 Steps to putting lead generation on autopilot

Step 1: Create a conversion-optimized Lead Magnet

First, we’ll work closely together to create a high-value lead magnet that aligns with your product line and primes your leads for conversion.

We’ll work together to identify the headline, format, and structure for your lead magnet, and we’ll even create it for you if you’d like.

And if you already have a lead magnet you’d like to use, we can simply use that one.

Step 2: Design + build a facebook ad campaign to generate leads

The next step is to get your new lead magnet in front of your ideal customers…our average campaign starts generating opt-ins within the first 24 hours following launch.

We do this by creating 75 highly-focused ads that display to several different audiences, allowing us to rapidly identify and amplify the highest-performing targeting criteria and ad creative.

We even set it up so that new opt-ins are automatically added to your existing email marketing infrastructure.

Step 3: Monitor + Optimize

Once your campaign is launched, we’ll regularly monitor key performance metrics, including cost per lead and number of leads generated.

We’ll send you a weekly campaign performance report and use that data to continually optimize and adjust your campaign’s targeting and ad creative to improve its performance.

Case Study

Online entrepreneur attracts 100+ new email subscribers in 7 days.

When I started working with Amber, she was searching for sustainable ways to grow her audience without spending hours on social media every day.

Here's what we did together:

  • Identified a topic for a high-value lead magnet solved an ultra-specific problem for her target market and primed leads for conversion.
  • Designed highly-focused Facebook Ads that offered Amber's lead magnet in exchange for subscribing to her email list.
  • Developed custom targeting criteria to display those ads to her target market.

Here's what we achieved...


Leads in 7 days


Total ad spend


Cost per lead

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What We'll Do For You

High-Value Lead Magnet

We'll write and design a high-value PDF lead magnet that primes new leads for conversion.

Data-Driven Ad Creative

We'll design 75 different ad variations to test so we can identify and focus on the highest-performing ones.

Laser-Focused Targeting

We'll develop custom targeting criteria to ensure your ads get in front of your target market.

Campaign Build and Launch

We'll build and launch the entire campaign from your Facebook Ads Manager Account.

Post-Launch Optimization

Once we launch your campaign, we'll continuously monitor and optimize it to improve performance, including designing new ad creative and testing new targeting as needed. 

What Clients Say...

Not only did Jacob possess the technical expertise to revolutionize my business' marketing strategies, but he also set me up with the practical knowledge I needed to keep it going. If you're on the fence about making the jump, can guarantee it's 100% worth it!


After just one call with Jacob, I got even stronger clarity about what is and where my business needs to be headed. Working with Jacob gave me new courage to believe that things can be done and that they don't have to be complicated at all.


Not often do you find such attention to detail, fair pricing, and generosity with insight and intelligence, but you'll find it here. Jacob has helped us get off the ground and get flying. Couldn't be more grateful!

Brian McLaren

Jacob was the answer to my prayers! He knows his stuff and is a great problem solver. I love that he gives me different options and ways to look at things that I might have not considered.


Jacob is the best online and social media marking person I know. His energy and creativity worked wonders. I highly recommend him.

Frank Alexander

Jacob's technical skills and marketing instincts have been an amazing asset to our company.

Katherine Dreyer

Case Study

Jerry generates 1,000+ email subscribers every month for $0.83/lead.

In 2021, Jerry approached me because he wanted to double his email list from 4,000 email subscribers

Here's what we did together:

  • We reviewed his backlog of previously published content and repackaged it into a high-value PDF lead magnet.
  • Designed a simple Facebook Ad Campaign that offered the PDF lead magnet in exchange for email opt-ins.
  • Used data-driven targeting with lookalike audiences to get his ad in front of the right audience. 

Here's what we achieved...


New leads/month


Leads in 12 months


Cost per lead

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Why work with Me

There are a lot of people and agencies out there you could hire to build and manage your Facebook Ads, and most of them go about it the same way.

Here's how I'm a bit different...

You Own Your Campaign

Ad agencies like to "retain ownership" of your ad campaigns, which means you have to pay them monthly just to run your campaign.

When you work with me, you own your campaign, and you can run it with or without me.

No Long-Term Contracts

Your business moves and changes rapidly, so there's no benefit for you in committing to a 6+ month contract with an ad agency.

That's why I operate things on a monthly basis rather than roping you into a long-term contract.

Work Directly With Me

Instead of being pawned off on a junior account manager, you'll work directly with me.

This means you'll always get the quick and personal attention you and your business deserve.

In the first week alone, Jacob helped me get over 100 new leads with less than $80 in ad spend.


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Which of the following best describes your situation?
I already have a lead magnet I'd like to use.
I want to create my own lead magnet, but I need some help figuring out the topic, structure, and format.
I don't have a lead magnet, and I would need someone to create it for me.


What kind of lead magnets do you help create, and how do you ensure they are effective?

We collaboratively develop lead magnets tailored to your audience, such as ebooks, guides, or exclusive offers. The lead magnet is one of the campaign’s core assets, so we ensure its effectiveness by making sure it meets these criteria:

It’s a compelling, specific topic that aligns 100% with your paid offer(s).

Content is organized to provide massive, immediate value.

It’s formatted to be easily consumable and to prime leads for conversion.

Do I need to have a large budget for Facebook advertising to benefit from this service?

No, one of the strengths of this offer is its emphasis on cost-effective lead generation. We optimize campaigns to achieve excellent results within a budget that suits your business. More concretely, we suggest a budget of $10-$30/day to get started.

Can you integrate this service with our existing CRM and email marketing tools?

Absolutely. We ensure seamless integration with your current email marketing platform so that leads are automatically added to your welcome sequence and/or newsletter list.

How involved do I need to be in the campaign setup and management process?

This is a done-for-you service, so we set up and manage the ad campaign (along with creating the lead magnet, if you need). However, your input during the initial strategy sessions and feedback on creative elements are crucial for a tailored and effective campaign.

What metrics do you track, and how will I receive updates on the campaign's performance?

The key metrics we track are cost per lead, leads generated, and opt-in rate. You will receive regular reports so we can continue to optimize the campaign.

Is there a long-term commitment, or can we work together on a more flexible basis?

We offer flexibility to accommodate your business needs. While a consistent and strategic approach yields the best results, we can discuss options that align with your goals and preferences.

How do you ensure my ads are reaching the right audience on Facebook?

We use targeting parameters such as demographics, interests, and behaviors to ensure your ads are shown to your ideal customers. Ongoing adjustments are made based on performance data.

Additionally, if you have an existing email or customer list with at least 1,000 email addresses, we can create lookalike audiences to target Facebook users who have the most in common with your existing email subscribers and customers.

What kind of support do you provide for optimizing my email sequences and converting leads into customers?

We can assist in optimizing your conversion infrastructure, including landing pages and email sequences, to ensure a smooth transition from lead acquisition to customer conversion. We also provide strategic insights for ongoing improvements.